Meet Natalie Gail

Natalie Gail

Author of FearFlip, Natalie Gail

After a long struggle with anxiety and deep depressions, Natalie Gail experienced a spontaneous transformation that fundamentally changed her and brought her out of suffering into a miraculous new life and calling. Experiencing divine or religious ecstasy often described by saints and mystics, she dedicated her life to service of others.

The clients who Natalie provides FearFlip™ services with experience life-changing results. Natalie has the wisdom of an ancient sage and the easy humor of a lighthearted soul. She is very approachable to people of all ages:  children through elders.

Natalie holds an MA and license (LMHC) in Counseling and is listed providing FearFlip™ life coaching services in

FearFlip:Following Fear to Find Your Freedom is her debut book and it is often ranked in the top 5% of  Amazon sellers (Genre: Spirituality).









About The Book

FearFlip by Natalie Gail

A profound spiritual transformation in the high deserts of New Mexico led Natalie Gail to physically experience divine love. FearFlip: Following Fear To Find Your Freedom reveals her paradigm-changing understanding of fear and offers simple techniques to follow fear to your ultimate freedom. The book provides the therapeutic tool FearFlip™ and Fear Chasing, practical yet potent tools to transmute fear—the root of all stress, worries, and emotional pain—into love and the resulting joy.

Learn how to value fear as a trusted, reliable friend that you can count on to guide you back to peace in any moment. Discover the natural state of love resulting in your personal experience of fearlessness, unshakable joy, and bliss. FearFlip:Following Fear to Find Your Freedom is Natalie’s debut book and frequently is ranked as an Amazon top seller (Genre: Spirituality).