FearFlip: Following Fear to Find Your Freedom

A profound spiritual experience in the New Mexico desert led Natalie Gail to physically experience divine love. Now an Amazon Top Five Best Seller (Genre: Spirituality), FearFlip reveals her paradigm-changing understanding of fear and offers simple techniques to follow fear to your ultimate freedom.

  • Learn how to value fear as a trusted, reliable friend that you can count on to guide you back to peace.
  • Receive FearFlip™, a practical, yet potent tool to transmute fear: the root of all stress, worries, and emotional pain—into love and the calm that results.
  • Discover the natural state of love resulting in your personal experience of fearlessness, unshakable joy, and bliss.

About The Author

After a long struggle with anxiety and depression, Natalie Gail experienced a spontaneous, ineffable transformation that fundamentally changed her and brought her out of suffering and into a new life. Experiencing divine ecstasy often described by saints and mystics, she dedicated her life to service. As the founder of Enjoying the Bliss, those she facilitates experience life-changing results. She combines the wisdom of an ancient sage with lighthearted compassion and grace. Natalie holds a master’s degree in Counseling. FearFlip is her debut book.

All net proceeds from the sale of FearFlip go to help underwrite FearFlip™ facilitations, workshops, retreats, and support for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.


Buy FearFlip

FearFlip is now available on fearflip.com, Amazon.com, and booksellers everywhere. To find or order FearFlip at an independent bookseller near you, visit indiebound.org. The audio book is forthcoming.


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